Access to University Systems

 Most employees will need two UCSD accounts - Active Directory and Single Sign On - in order to access UC and campus systems. 

  • Active Directory (AD) :  for  email, the campus wireless network, Virtual Private Network (VPN), and TritonEd.  This is set up by the department once you have completed employment forms and have been entered into payroll.
  • Business Systems (sometimes referred to as Single Sign-On) : for business tools such as the link family, MyServices, and other central applications.

In addition, both accounts utilize two step authentication for additional security.

Active Directory

Business Systems - Single Sign-on (SSO)

Two-Step Login

Detailed information about how it works, your options for receiving a pass code (Duo App on your phone, phone call or by token), and who to contact for assistance can be found on the Two-Step Login page on Blink.  Note: You should set this up AFTER your Active Directory and Single Sign On accounts have been created.

At Your Service (AYSO)

At Your Service Online (AYSO) is an employee portal where you can access and update your employee information, including:

  • Earnings Statements
  • Benefits Information / Open Enrollment
  • Retirement Information
  • W-2 & tax withholdings
  • Employment Verification
  • Much more!
Requires Single Sign On or creation of a separate AYSO account.

Learning Management Systems - Canvas & TritonEd*

TritonEd and Canvas are UC San Diego's Learning Management Systems where instructors can provide course information, materials, quizzes, assignments, and grades from one secure location. Communication is seamless through course announcements and online discussion forums. As of Fall 2020, all courses will be run on the Canvas LMS.

TritonEd sites are automatically created by EdTech Services for all standard courses according to the schedule of classes. Instructors will receive a notification via email when the course is ready. During the transition period, instructors can request that their course be created using Canvas.

  • How to access: Faculty/Lecturers/Non-student Tutors/Teaching Assistants log-in using their active directory credentials, which is the username and password used to log into e-mail. Two-step authentication is required.
    • Faculty/Lecturers: To access the individual course page on TritonEd, you must be listed as the instructor of record on the schedule of classes. If you do not see your name listed on the schedule, please contact Alycia Randol for assistance.
    • Teaching Assistants/Non-student Tutors: The instructor of record must provision access to the course page on TritonEd.
  • Online resources to help use TritonEd and Canvas.
  • Support: For more information, contact EdTech Support, (858) 822-3315.

Instruction Tools - TritonLink

TritonLink is a UC San Diego system which allows faculty, lecturers and staff to access student and class information.

What can you access on TritonLink?

  • Class list and wait list
  • Class photos
  • Individual student information
  • Schedule of classes


Electronic Grades - eGrades (Faculty + Lecturers)

eGrades is a secure web-based application that allows instructors to submit or change final grades for the students in their courses. 

Deadline: Grades are due by 11:59 pm the Tuesday following finals week.