UCSD Linguistics Department Staff

Main Offices - AP&M 4th floor

Professor Sharon Rose

Department Chair
AP&M 4260

Tel: 858-534-1159; Fax: 858-534-7223

Annamarie Bryson

Management Services Officer
AP&M 4250

Tel: 858-534-3602; Fax: 858-534-7223

  • General overall administration of the Linguistics Department.

Camie Nguyen

Academic Affairs Coordinator
AP&M 4016

Tel: 858-534-3601; Fax: 858-534-4789


  • Academic Affairs, Assistant to the Chair, Academic Coordinators, Lecturers and Visiting Scholars.

Lucie K. Wiseman

Fiscal Coordinator
AP&M 4018

Tel: 858-534-1146; Fax: 858-534-4789

  • Fiscal Administration.

Student Services - AP&M 3rd Floor

Alycia Randol

Undergraduate and Graduate Student Advisor
AP&M 3216

Tel: 858-534-1145; Fax: 858-534-4789

  • Linguistics Department Student Services; undergraduate major and minor advising; linguistics graduate admissions; academic coordination.

Christina Knerr Frink

Student Affairs Manager
AP&M 3202

Tel: 858-534-3605; Fax: 858-534-4789

  • Administrative oversight of student services for the Department of Linguistics, Linguistics Language Program Administration, Heritage Language Program, and the Human Development Program.

Rachel Pekras

Student Affairs Assistant
AP&M 3101

Tel: 858-822-2711; Fax: 858-534-4789

  • Assistance and advising for undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Linguistics and in the Linguistics Language Program.

Linguistics Language Lab & Library - AP&M 3432

Cheri Radke

Department Librarian
AP&M 3432

Tel: 858-534-0693; Fax: 858-534-4789

IT Group - AP&M 3311

Position Open

IT Manager
AP&M 3311C

Tel: 858-534-8239; Fax: 858-534-4789

  • Manage SSCF operations.

Evan Adams

IT Support Analyst & Multimedia Specialist
AP&M 3311

Tel: 858-534-2617; Fax: 858-534-4789

  • Technical support for computing needs and audio and video support.

Todd Williams

Network Manager
AP&M 3311A

Tel: 858-534-8231; Fax: 858-534-4789

  • Server and system administration.

The UCSD Department of Linguistics combines a focus on the convergence of theoretical and experimental linguistics with strong interdisciplinary collaboration.

Since its founding in the 1960's, UCSD has become one of the foremost educational and research institutions in the nation. The campus and surrounding region boast an extraordinary array of well-known scholars and offer broad opportunities for study and research of the highest quality. These opportunities are especially strong and diversified in language-related areas.