Priyanka Biswas

Ph.D., University of Southern California
Courses: LIGN 121 Syntax (Winter 2018) and LIGN 8 Languages and Cultures in America (Spring 2018)

Peggy Lott

Academic Coordinator, American Sign Language Program
Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin
Courses: LIGN 144 Discourse Analysis: American Sign Language Poetry and Performing Arts (Fall 2017)

Justin McIntosh

Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin
Courses: LIGN 143 Structure of Spanish (Winter 2018)

Ashley Micklos

Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles
Courses: LIGN 174/SOCI 116 Gender and Language in Society (Winter 2018)

Irina Monich

Ph.D., University of Connecticut
Courses: LIGN 150 Historical Linguistics (Fall 2017)

Alicia Muñoz Sánchez

Academic Coordinator, Spanish Language Program
Ph.D., University of California, San Diego
Courses: LIGN 119 / EDS 119 First and Second Language Learning: From Childhood Through Adolescence (Winter 2018)

The UCSD Department of Linguistics combines a focus on the convergence of theoretical and experimental linguistics with strong interdisciplinary collaboration.

Since its founding in the 1960's, UCSD has become one of the foremost educational and research institutions in the nation. The campus and surrounding region boast an extraordinary array of well-known scholars and offer broad opportunities for study and research of the highest quality. These opportunities are especially strong and diversified in language-related areas.