Linguistics Department Statements

UC San Diego Linguistics Department policies on bias, harassment, and discrimination

December 2018

Every Fall, the UC San Diego Linguistics faculty reaffirms our policies on bias, harassment, and discrimination.

  • We value and support all members of our community: our students, post-doctoral scholars, lecturers, and staff, as well our faculty.
  • We uphold the UC San Diego Principles of Community, and expect all members of our Department to do so.
  • We do not tolerate bias, harassment, or discrimination, nor do we tolerate retaliation against any person who makes or reports a bias, harassment, or discrimination complaint. This means both not engaging in and not ignoring bias, harassment, discrimination, or retaliation. (Relevant UC policy can be found here.)
  • In our capacity as supervisors, faculty complete mandatory sexual harassment prevention training every two years.

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