Undergrad Advising


The situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19) is evolving rapidly across the United States. Please see coronavirus.ucsd.edu for the most up-to-date campus information.

All Linguistics Department faculty, lecturers, graduate students, language program instructors and staff are now working remotely and all Spring 2020 linguistics and language courses will be offered online. The physical facilities are closed. View Spring 2020 student resources here.


Spring 2020 Policies

Typically, all courses taken for credit toward our majors and minors in Linguistics must be taken for a letter grade with the exception of LIGN 199. In compliance with this campuswide announcement, the Linguistics Department is amending that policy for Spring 2020 courses: all Spring 2020 courses can be taken for P/NP and still count toward our majors and minors. Students will be able to change their grading option for a course through the end of Week 10. Please note that courses taken for P/NP in Spring 2020 will not count towards the 25% cap on courses taken for P/NP for the Bachelor’s degree, and that courses taken for P/NP are not included in calculations of GPA.


In addition, the deadline to add a course is extended to the end of Week 3, and the deadline to drop, without a W, is extended to the end of Week 5. The deadline for undergraduate students to drop a course, with a W, is extended to the end of Week 7. Undergraduate students may petition to drop a class or withdraw from the University after the end of Week 7 and by the end of Week 10 for emergency reasons. These petitions are decided by the college provost.


For more information, please see these FAQs.


Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Alycia Randol
 is the undergraduate academic advisor for the Linguistics department. She can answer general questions about the major and minor, look up your student record, and help you with paperwork such as applications, petitions (EAP/OAP and others) and degree checks.

Current undergraduate students please contact Alycia using the Virtual Advising Center (VAC)
E-mail: linginfo@ling.ucsd.edu
Phone: (858) 534-1145.
Location: AP&M Room 3216 (Student Affairs Office)
Advising Hours: By appointment only (please send your questions through VAC)


Undergraduate Faculty Academic Advisors

General Advising

Prof. Gabriela Caballero is the undergraduate faculty academic advisor for the Linguistics department. She can answer questions about the academic content of Linguistics classes, give EAP/OAP class approval, discuss plans of study for your major or minor, and advise you about graduate school options.

Prof. Caballero's contact page can be found here.

Speech and Language Sciences & Speech Language Pathology Advising

Prof. Marc Garellek is the undergraduate faculty advisor that specializes in helping student answer questions pertaining to the Speech and Language Sciences major and minor as well as those that have an interest in pursuing a career in Speech Language Pathology.

Prof. Garelleks contact page can be found here.



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