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  • Welcome to the Linguistics Department
  • Welcome to the Linguistics Department
  • Welcome to the Linguistics Department
  • Welcome to the Linguistics Department
  • Welcome to the Linguistics Department

The UCSD Department of Linguistics is unique among leading doctoral programs. Three traits in particular contribute to its distinctive character and define its educational philosophy. 

First, the faculty conduct research and offer in-depth instruction in both theoretical and empirical/experimental approaches to language. Students find their training in these perspectives to be both educationally beneficial and advantageous in seeking employment and conducting their professional careers.

Second, the program emphasizes the study of diverse languages, for their own sake as well as for the empirical testing of theoretical claims. The faculty have research interests in, and conduct fieldwork on, typologically varied languages. Graduate students receive training in field methods. Theoretical courses emphasize cross-linguistic generalizations and the analysis of a range of languages.

Third, the department is an active and integral part of the cognitive science and neuroscience communities at UCSD, which rank among the world's finest. For example, most Linguistics faculty also have appointments in the Cognitive Science Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program, which many Linguistics students participate in. Faculty and students engage in a spectrum of experimental research that encompasses phonetics, signed languages, psycholinguistics, event-related brain potentials (ERPs), and computational modeling.

Fall 2015

Monday, Oct 5
Jaye Padget (U.C. Santa Cruz)

Monday, Oct 19
Volya Kapatsinski (University of Oregon)

Friday, Nov 6
Ted Gibson (MIT)

Monday, Nov 16
Chris Kennedy (U Chicago)

Friday, Dec 4
Joe Pater (U Mass)

Summer 2015

Dissertation Defense
Boyoung Kim
"Sensitivity to Islands in Korean-English Bilinguals"
Mon, Aug 17

Dissertation Defense
Ryan Lepic
"Motivation in Morphology: Lexical Patterns in ASL and English"
Thu, Aug 13

Spring 2015

Colloquium - May 11, 2pm, AP&M 4301 - Sharon Inkelas (UC Berkeley) "The A-map model: Articulatory reliability in child-specific phonology"

Dissertation Defense - April 28, 9am, AP&M 4301 - Lucien Carroll "Ixpantepec Nieves Mixtec Word Prosody"

Colloquium - April 27, 2pm, AP&M 4301 - Mary Paster (Pomona) "Phonology Counts"

Colloquium - April 13, 2pm, AP&M 4301 - Jesse Harris (UCLA) - "Processing Preferences in Focus-Sensitive Coordination: Locality and Parallelism"

Colloquium - April 8, 11am, AP&M 4301 - Alice Gaby (Monash University) - "This I tell ya, brother: the mutual dependence of kinship and pragmatics"

Center for Research in Language Talks every Tues. 4pm CSB 280





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