Graduate Students

E-mail addresses:; e.g. 

Andrés Aguilar
Phonology, morphology, fieldwork, language documentation
e-mail: aea005

Jenna Baranov
Neurolinguistics, psycholinguistics, language processing, second language acquisition
e-mail: ebaranov

Qi Cheng
Language acquisition, sign language, psycholinguistics
e-mail: qcheng

Younah Chung
Heritage languages, phonetics, syntax
e-mail: yachung

Emily Davis
Human language evolution, recursion, iterated learning, cognitive basis of language
Email: e4davis

Anne Therese Frederiksen
Sign language, co-speech gesture
e-mail: atfreder

Gustavo Guajardo
Syntax, language variation and change
e-mail: gguajardo

Kati Hout
Exceptionality, hiatus resolution, harmony, languages of East Africa, phonology, field methods
e-mail: khout

Laura Kelly
Syntax, Italian linguistics
e-mail: l6kelly

Dayoung Kim
Syntax, syntax-phonology interface, language processing, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics
e-mail: dyk036

Anna Mai
Phonology, rhythm, meter
e-mail:  acmai

Adam McCollum
Phonology, phonetics, fieldwork, Turkic languages, Pamiri languages
e-mail: agmccoll

Eric Meinhardt
computational psycholinguistics, cognitive science, pragmatically/functionally-grounded models of variation and change
e-mail: emeinhardt

Hope Morgan
Sign language linguistics, Kenyan Sign Language, language evolution, phonology, field methods
e-mail: hmorgan

Savithry Namboodiripad
Experimental syntax, language contact, bilingualism, constituent order
e-mail: snambood

Michael Obiri-Yeboah
language documentation, fieldwork, phonology, languages of Ghana
e-mail: mobiriye

Gary Patterson
Computational linguistics, semantics, discourse
e-mail: gpatterson

Till Poppels
Language processing, language acquisition, meaning in language
e-mail: tpoppels

Amanda Ritchart
Phonetics, intonation
email: aritchart

Nina Semushina
Sign language linguistics, Russian Sign Language, language evolution, language and number
e-mail: nsemushi

Amber Thompson
Morphology, morphosyntax, descriptive linguistics, language change
e-mail: ant055

Crono Tse
Semantics, pragmatics, Chinese linguistics
e-mail: cronotse

Matthew Zaslansky
Morphology, phonology, language acquisition, fieldwork, sign languages, languages of the Caucasus
e-mail: mzaslans

The UCSD Department of Linguistics combines a focus on the convergence of theoretical and experimental linguistics with strong interdisciplinary collaboration.

Since its founding in the 1960's, UCSD has become one of the foremost educational and research institutions in the nation. The campus and surrounding region boast an extraordinary array of well-known scholars and offer broad opportunities for study and research of the highest quality. These opportunities are especially strong and diversified in language-related areas.