Graduate Students

E-mail addresses:; e.g. 

  • Andrés Aguilar

    Andrés Aguilar

    Phonology, morphology, fieldwork, language documentation
    Email: aea005

  • Catherine Arnett

    Catherine Arnett

    Syntax-semantics interface, psycholinguistics, dialectal variation, language variation and change, and corpus linguistics

    Email:  ccarnett

  • Jenna Baranov

    Jenna Baranov

    Neurolinguistics, psycholinguistics, language processing, second language acquisition
    Email: ebaranov
  • Matthew Carter

    Matthew Carter

    Morphology, typology, and phonology

    Email: mccarter

  • Yuan Chai

    Yuan Chai

    Phonetics, second language acquisition
    Email: yuc521

  • Qi Cheng

    Qi Cheng

    Language acquisition, sign language, psycholinguistics
    Email: qcheng
  • Younah Chung

    Younah Chung

    Heritage languages, phonetics, syntax
    Email: yachung
  • September Cowley

    September Cowley

    Semantics, pragmatics, computational linguistics, variation, psycholinguistics
    Email: scowley

  • Emily Davis

    Emily Davis

    Human language evolution, recursion, iterated learning, cognitive basis of language
    Email: e4davis
  • Nese Demir

    Nese Demir

    Phonology, morphology, Turkic languages, reduplication
    Email: ndemir

  • José Armando Fernández Guerrero

    José Armando Fernández Guerrero

    Syntax, morphology, languages of Mexico, linguistic anthropology, and language revitalization
    Email: jfernand

  • Raymond Huaute

    Raymond Huaute

    Phonology, morphology, language fieldwork/documentation, and language revitalization
    Email: ihuaute
  • Kati Hout

    Kati Hout

    Exceptionality, hiatus resolution, harmony, languages of East Africa, phonology, field methods
    Email: khout
  • Yaqian Huang

    Yaqian Huang

    Phonetics, phonology, speech science, voice, neurolinguistics
    Email: yah101

  • Seoyeon Jang

    Seoyeon Jang

    Semantics, syntax, and pragmatics
    Email: s7jang
  • Duk-Ho Jung

    Duk-Ho Jung

    Syntax, semantics, language processing, psycholinguistics
    Email: dujung

  • Sihun Jung

    Sihun Jung

    Syntax and prosody

    Email: s3jung

  • Nina Kaldhol

    Nina Kaldhol

    Phonology and morphology, especially prosodic typology and tonal morphology
    Email: nkaldhol
  • Dayoung Kim

    Dayoung Kim

    Syntax, syntax-phonology interface, language processing, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics
    Email: dyk036
  • Anna Mai

    Anna Mai

    Phonetics, phonology, prosody, the neural basis of speech sounds
    Email:  acmai
  • Eric Meinhardt

    Eric Meinhardt

    Computational psycholinguistics, cognitive science, pragmatically/functionally-grounded models of variation and change
    Email: emeinhardt
  • Rachel MIles

    Rachel MIles

    Language acquisition of sign language

    Email: rmiles

  • Shai Nielson

    Shai Nielson


    Email: slnielso

  • Michael Obiri-Yeboah

    Michael Obiri-Yeboah

    Phonology, phonetics, language documentation, Guang languages
    Email: mobiriye
  • Till Poppels

    Till Poppels

    Language processing, language acquisition, meaning in language
    Email: tpoppels
  • Amanda Ritchart

    Amanda Ritchart

    Phonetics, intonation
    Email: aritchart
  • Alejandro (Alex) Rodriguez

    Alejandro (Alex) Rodriguez

    Syntax, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, morphosyntax, Romance languages
    Email: alr009

  • Tory Sampson

    Tory Sampson

    Sign language acquisition, language processing, neurolinguistics
    Email: tosampso

  • Nina Semushina

    Nina Semushina

    Sign language linguistics, Russian Sign Language, language evolution, language and number
    Email: nsemushi
  • Hagyeong Shin

    Hagyeong Shin


    Email: hashin

  • Nico Tedeschi

    Nico Tedeschi

    Pragmatics and Semantics

    Email: njtedesc

  • Amber Thompson

    Amber Thompson

    Morphology, morphosyntax, descriptive linguistics, language change
    Email: ant055
  • Crono Tse

    Crono Tse

    Semantics, pragmatics, Chinese linguistics
    Email: cronotse
  • Maxine Van Doren

    Maxine Van Doren

    Phonetics, specifically voice quality
    Email: mvandore
  • Joshua Wampler

    Joshua Wampler

    Syntax, semantics, pragmatics, and their interfaces
    Email: jwwample

  • Matthew Zaslansky

    Matthew Zaslansky

    Morphology, syntax, typology, historical linguistics, sign languages, languages of the Caucasus
    Email: mzaslans