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All Linguistics Department faculty, lecturers, graduate students, language program instructors and staff are now working remotely and all Spring 2020 linguistics and language courses will be offered online. The physical facilities are closed. View student resources for Spring 2020 term here.

Graduate Students

E-mail addresses:; e.g. 

  • Andrés Aguilar

    Andrés Aguilar

    Phonology, morphology, fieldwork, language documentation
    Email: aea005

  • Catherine Arnett

    Catherine Arnett

    Syntax-semantics interface, psycholinguistics, dialectal variation, language variation and change, and corpus linguistics

    Email:  ccarnett

  • Jenna Baranov

    Jenna Baranov

    Neurolinguistics, psycholinguistics, language processing, second language acquisition
    Email: ebaranov
  • Matthew Carter

    Matthew Carter

    Morphology, typology, and phonology

    Email: mccarter

  • Yuan Chai

    Yuan Chai

    Phonetics, second language acquisition
    Email: yuc521

  • Qi Cheng

    Qi Cheng

    Language acquisition, sign language, psycholinguistics
    Email: qcheng
  • Younah Chung

    Younah Chung

    Heritage languages, phonetics, syntax
    Email: yachung
  • September Cowley

    September Cowley

    Semantics, pragmatics, computational linguistics, variation, psycholinguistics
    Email: scowley

  • Emily Davis

    Emily Davis

    Human language evolution, recursion, iterated learning, cognitive basis of language
    Email: e4davis
  • Neşe Demir

    Neşe Demir

    Phonology, morphology, Turkic languages, reduplication
    Email: ndemir

  • José Armando Fernández Guerrero

    José Armando Fernández Guerrero

    Syntax, morphology, languages of Mexico, linguistic anthropology, and language revitalization
    Email: jfernand

  • Raymond Huaute

    Raymond Huaute

    Phonology, morphology, language fieldwork/documentation, and language revitalization
    Email: ihuaute
  • Yaqian Huang

    Yaqian Huang

    Phonetics, phonology, speech science, voice, neurolinguistics
    Email: yah101

  • Seoyeon Jang

    Seoyeon Jang

    Semantics, syntax, and pragmatics
    Email: s7jang
  • Duk-Ho Jung

    Duk-Ho Jung

    Syntax, semantics, language processing, psycholinguistics
    Email: dujung

  • Sihun Jung

    Sihun Jung

    Syntax and prosody

    Email: s3jung

  • Nina Kaldhol

    Nina Kaldhol

    Phonology and morphology, especially prosodic typology and tonal morphology
    Email: nkaldhol
  • Dayoung Kim

    Dayoung Kim

    Syntax, syntax-phonology interface, language processing, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics
    Email: dyk036
  • Anna Mai

    Anna Mai

    Phonetics, phonology, prosody, the neural basis of speech sounds
    Email:  acmai
  • Rachel Miles

    Rachel Miles

    Language acquisition of sign language

    Email: rmiles

  • Shai Nielson

    Shai Nielson

    Sign language acquisition and processing, phonology, neurolinguistics

    Email: slnielso

  • Michael Obiri-Yeboah

    Michael Obiri-Yeboah

    Phonology, phonetics, language documentation, Guang languages
    Email: mobiriye
  • Till Poppels

    Till Poppels

    Language processing, language acquisition, meaning in language
    Email: tpoppels
  • Amanda Ritchart

    Amanda Ritchart

    Phonetics, intonation
    Email: aritchart
  • Alejandro (Alex) Rodriguez

    Alejandro (Alex) Rodriguez

    Syntax, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, morphosyntax, Romance languages
    Email: alr009

  • Tory Sampson

    Tory Sampson

    Sign language acquisition, language processing, neurolinguistics
    Email: tosampso

  • Nina Semushina

    Nina Semushina

    Sign language linguistics, Russian Sign Language, language evolution, language and number

    Email: nsemushi

  • Hagyeong Shin

    Hagyeong Shin


    Email: hashin

  • Maho Takahashi

    Maho Takahashi

    Syntax, psycholinguistics, language acquisition

    Email: mtakahas

  • Nico Tedeschi

    Nico Tedeschi

    Pragmatics and Semantics

    Email: njtedesc

  • Amber Thompson

    Amber Thompson

    Morphology, morphosyntax, descriptive linguistics, language change
    Email: ant055
  • Crono Tse

    Crono Tse

    Semantics, pragmatics, Chinese linguistics
    Email: cronotse
  • Maxine Van Doren

    Maxine Van Doren

    Phonetics, specifically voice quality
    Email: mvandore
  • Joshua Wampler

    Joshua Wampler

    Syntax, semantics, pragmatics, and their interfaces
    Email: jwwample

  • Matthew Zaslansky

    Matthew Zaslansky

    Morphology, syntax, typology, historical linguistics, sign languages, languages of the Caucasus
    Email: mzaslans