Due to the COVID-19 situation, we are currently devising new procedures to allow students to do the proficiency exam remotely. Please use this form to request to take the exam, and we will contact you with further instructions once the new procedures are ready.

Proficiency Exam Explanation

UCSD students may wish to have it certified that they have attained a level of conversational and reading proficiency that is adequate to conduct every-day life in a secondary language. Revelle and Eleanor Roosevelt Colleges require such certification for the baccalaureate degree. In addition, some UCSD departments have an undergraduate language requirement as part of their major program. The Linguistics department has accepted the responsibility of evaluating such proficiency for French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish. Students may take proficiency examinations in other languages when qualified testers are available.

Proficiency examination in French, German, Italian, Russian or Spanish:

Note: Proficiency examinations in these languages are given once each quarter (twice in Fall Quarter).
  1. The reading portion of the proficiency examination dates can be found on Triton Link under "Placement and Proficiency Exams Schedule".
  2. If you pass the reading portion, you will then be scheduled to take the oral portion of the exam.
  3. Once you have passed both portions of the proficiency exam (in the same quarter) you will have satisfied your language requirement.

Proficiency Examination in language other than those listed above:

Attention Exam Administrators

Please contact Rachel Pekras at for the electronic Examination Form. You should also have a link to this form in your e-mail from Chrstina Knerr Frink ( on 3/12/20 and 4/15/20.
  1. Review the Exam Procedures for Students.
  2. Find your Approved Test Administrator.
  3. Prior to the exam, provide your Test Administrator with the Guidelines for Test Administrators and the Examination Form.

PLEASE NOTE: The proficiency exam is not the same as the placement test. The placement test will tell you in which level of the language you are approved to enroll. The online placement test is available in French, German, Italian and Spanish here.