Reading Groups

See individual Lab webpages for additional Lab Meetings in Computational Psycholinguistics, AndyLab (Computational Linguistics), Mayberry Lab for Multimodal Language Development, Speech Lab, and Brain and Language Labs.

The Phon Company

The Phon Company is a forum for discussion of phonetics and phonology research. Students and faculty present their own work, as well as discuss outside papers.
contact: Eric Bakovic


The weekly SemanticsBabble is an informal discussion group for semantics and semantics-related topics. Students and faculty are invited to weekly meetings.
contact: Ivano Caponigro


Farrell Ackerman runs a reading group with a focus on morphology, emergent systems, self-organization, language evolution and change, etc.
contact: fackerman at

Linguistic Fieldwork Working Group

Students and faculty in linguistics and other departments conducting field research on different languages meet every two weeks to discuss data, ethical issues and documentation methodology. 
contact: Gabriela Caballero or Sharon Rose

Work in the department spans theoretical and experimental approaches to the study of language. The department also maintains strong links to other disciplines, such as cognitive science and psychology.