Independent Study / Linguistics 19

Directed Language Study - Self Paced Course

Linguistics Directed Study - Language (LIDS) 19 is a course that allows you to learn basic conversation in one of over 65 languages including Cantonese, Arabic, Swahili, Hindi, Vietnamese and Albanian. Under the supervision of a linguist, you work independently on weekly assignments in the Language Lab (AP & M 3432A). All materials are provided.

What is the course content like?

Depending on the language, the study materials are audio or video tapes with a book, or a CD-ROM course that relies on spoken language and pictures. The focus is on conversation - not grammar, reading or writing. The program Supervisor administers three exams: a short pre-test, a midterm and a final. All exams are oral and use the material that has been assigned for study.

How many units of credit can I earn?

These courses earn 2 or 4 units of credit, but do not satisfy college language requirements. To earn 2 units you would be expected to spend 6 hours a week studying in the Language Lab. Four units require 12 hours each week.

Why take a directed-study course?

Students choose to study a language independently for various reasons: to prepare for foreign travel, to communicate with family or friends, to satisfy their curiosity, or to have the opportunity to study on their own schedule.

Who may take the course?

You may take the course only if you have no previous exposure to the language you plan to study. If you speak the language at home or already got credit for a course in the language you are not eligible to register.

What is the course schedule and when are the exams?

Weeks 1-2: Registration in AP&M 3302E (inside the Language Lab)

Week 3: Practice Test (20 min)

Weeks 5-6: Midterm Exam (30 min)

Finals Week: Final Exam (30 min)

How do I sign up?

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